Coffee pods

The taste of the best Paranà blends in the practical and ready-to-use coffee pod format. To enjoy at home or in the office.

Espresso Italiano features a round and velvety body, accompanied by a complex and deep aroma. The hints of fruit and vanilla give a touch of marked floral acidity to this blend. Strong and persistent cocoa and dark chocolate aftertaste.

At the International Coffee Tasting – the contest organized by the International Coffee Tasters Institute – 2017 Asian edition, it obtained the highest recognition for the production of Espresso Italiano (coffee pods), winning the Single serve category.

100% selected Arabic blend, with a sweet and delicate taste and a marked acidity and floral aroma. The cocoa and spicy notes leave us with a full taste and an intense vanilla aftertaste, that makes this product a gourmet espresso coffee blend.

The best quality of pure Arabica coffee prepared with organic ingredients, cultivated at 1,500 m above the sea level by small Central and South American cooperatives. A production that relies on the accurate mastery of natural and artisanal methods, certified and guaranteed by the independent brand International Fairtrade, according to Fair Trade international standards.

Purchasing this product helps improving the living and working conditions of small producers in developing countries and promotes environmental protection.

CAFFÈ PARANÀ has consciously chosen to embrace ORGANIC production and the FAIRTRADE culture worldwide, by combining the knowledge and Italian taste for coffee to the responsibility of defending these values, while guaranteeing a unique and embracing aroma to its customers.

This blend preserves the intense and deep taste of a real Italian espresso. Paranà Decaffeinated Coffee is highly digestible, has a reduced content of caffeine and it comprises high-quality Arabica coffee beans processed with one of the best decaffeination methods. The result is a dense and nutty cream, with a full-bodied caramel aroma, and hints of chocolate and vanilla.