History and traditions of the Giannelli family

committed to Italian good taste since 1960

ITALIAN FLAVOURS. The Giannelli family has always been involved in the production and preservation of the true Italian espresso coffee. The Paranà roasting plant, founded in 1960 thanks to the experience and passion of its founder, Ruggero Giannelli, produces only selected high-quality blends. Ruggero, since the early 1950s, continued the activity begun by his father Emilio for the sales of raw coffee in Italy on behalf of national importers. In 1960, thanks to the experience gained in the green coffee business, Ruggero decided to find a production plant and to establish the current coffee company Paranà in Rome.

THE VALUE OF TRADITIONS. Today, Paranà roasting plant’s production process retains those tradition allowing to obtain excellent results without altering the aroma, quality and taste. Each production phase is supervised by highly-specialized personnel.