Certified quality

The culture of good coffee

HIGH-QUALITY BLENDS. Caffè Paranà’s mission is searching for high-quality products and spread the culture of good coffee. The Group has been handing down its skills and experiences – the foundation to create valued and unique blends – since 1960.

The recognitions and international certifications issued by the partners IIAC and INEI confirm and guarantee this identity. Today, Paranà is a guaranteed quality brand.

The Group is committed to spread the culture of coffee in Italy and worldwide and to train – in cooperation with IIAC and INEI – coffee bar and revenue managers who have chosen Paranà’s reliability. This cooperation allows to improve the barista’s professional training to ensure greater success of their businesses.

RECORD ESPRESSO. Paranà’s quality is internationally recognized. Paranà Espresso Italiano is certified by the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (INEI). Furthermore, it has been awarded the gold medal by the International Coffee Tasters Institute (IIAC) at the International Coffee Tasting, Italia 2008 and Asia 2013 editions, in the Coffee Bar Espresso Blends category.

Since 1998, the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano has been preserving the quality of espresso through a sensory certification.

The purpose of the International Coffee Tasters Institute (IIAC) is to devise and spread scientific methods for sensory evaluation of coffee all over the world.