Single Origin Coffee

Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil. The finest artisanal Arabica blends chosen by the Giannelli family after long journeys searching for the best product. From the origins of coffee to Italy. To your cup.

Powerful and sublime, as the nature of volcanoes that characterize the Guatemalan territory, so is this Central-American single origin coffee, cultivated on the mountains at 1400-1600 meters above the sea level, and thus classified as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). It is an elegant and well-balanced coffee, with a full and complex taste, that stands out for its rich and harmonious aroma, with a full-bodied and round taste combined to a balanced acidity with hints of flowers and fruit and a cocoa and nutty aftertaste.

Upland Arabica coffee beans cultivated between 1200 and 2000 meters above the sea level an extraordinarily sweet and noble tasting experience, with spicy notes and a marked acidity, with floral, fruity and citrus hints, it is a symphony of sublime taste, with a special cocoa aftertaste, that call to mind the amazing nature of the thousand-year-old African lands, that continue to produce the best coffee beans with a complex and powerful aroma.

High-quality coffee with a smooth and balanced taste, cultivated between 800 and 1300 meters above the sea level, with a marked and delicate aroma. Notes of vanilla, dried and dry fruit that stand out on a well-rounded and exquisite body. A coffee that stands out for its richness and fine acidity, with manifest notes of chocolate enriched by hints of caramel and a toasted bread aftertaste.