Specialty coffee

The term Specialty Coffee refers to green coffee beans of the highest quality, roasted in order to best develop their full aromatic potential by professional roasters, and adequately extracted in compliance with well-defined standards. It does not refer to an extraction method, but begins at the origins of coffee, in the plantation where it is decided to use a particular botanical variety in a particular production area of the world.
To be considered Specialty, coffee must receive all possible attention during harvesting and processing to maintain its quality, as well as in the preparation of the beans in the producing countries before exporting. To qualify as Specialty, according to the SCAA, a coffee must have scored 80+ points on the score sheet.
When we talk about specialty green coffee, we are talking about a coffee that has no defects and that has a personality in the cup that distinguishes it(ilcaffeespressoitaliano.com)

Guatemala produces many different types of the finest and most distinctive coffees in the world. The country has many unique coffee producing regions that have earned a positive and well-known reputation in the industry. Coffee is Guatemala’s number one export contributing to the country’s growing economic status. This type comes from the rich volcanic soils of the Santa Rosa valleys located in the south-central region of Guatemala. The central highlands of the country are ideal for growing coffee due to the high altitudes and rich soil of the surrounding volcanoes. The climate allows the coffee to mature slowly, which is said to concentrate the flavors of the coffee beans. Coffee grown in the Santa Rosa region boasts a balanced cup with notes of chocolate.

Café San Cayetano began in the mid-1800s, on the initiative of Mariano Ospina Rodríguez, his family established the first coffee crops on several farms in Fredonia, Antioquia. Then in 1909, Tulio Ospina, his son, continues with the legacy in the Finca San Cayetano, which thanks to its volcanic soils, richness of water and microclimates, becomes the ideal place to grow a coffee of excellent quality.

Located in the southern region of Minas, in the municipalities of Alfenas and Machado, Capoeirinha Farm has an undulating flat topography, which allows the mechanization of 100% of its area. Equidistant from the three major consumption centers of the country (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte), Fazenda Capoeirinha has a mild subtropical climate and an excellent rainfall index, essential for the production of specialty coffees. This farm is concentrated all operational activities that embrace the culture of coffee and maintains a staff of 175 permanent employees and 300 seasonal employees.

Fazenda Capoeirinha won first place in the Cup of Excellence in 2011 and the Annual Quality Contest of the Rainforest Alliance in 2009 and 2010.

This exceptional Kenyan coffee comes from small farmers in Nyeri County and worked at the FARM in Kamoini. Kamoini is one of 19 small farms in the area belonging to the Othaya Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

An extremely fragrant coffee, in the cup, the aromatic notes of citrus, marzipan and ginger are combined with a marked acidity and the final sweetness of caramel
CAFEX was founded by a Belgian-Burundian couple with the aim of producing high-quality coffee from their homelands and with the desire to improve the lives of the local population, developing a sustainable business model profitable for all parties, based on mutual participation with farmers.

A fragrant coffee, characterized by strong notes of blueberry and the roundness of the notes of brown sugar.

We are in Central America, Honduras and more precisely in the city of El Paraiso, it is precisely from here that at 4 am the trucks leave that head towards the coffee grounds that are located in the mountains. Here the coffee is grown, harvested and processed with care and dedication that will then give a high-level specialty coffee.

A cup with an important and pleasant acidity, which envelops the mouth with notes of white flowers and yellow peach, then leaving a pleasant aftertaste of cocoa.
We are in the hilly area of Santa Ana – El Salvador, in the western part of the country where volcanic soils, mild climate and particular cultivation in the natural shade, offer unique conditions for the development of specialty coffees.

The Alvares Diaz family has been producing coffee for four generations, harvesting exclusively by hand to ensure the highest quality in the selection of the most mature drupe. A complex cup with an intense aromaticity given by the notes of citrus fruits and red fruits

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